Hip Hop Videos

We got the best hip hop videos for you guys today. Let me tell you there are so many good videos that have been made of the years. We need a good archive of all the best vids to come out. Has anyone every heard about a site raptube ? Now that would really kick ass. Most hip hop videos started out with the east coast flavor. These were low budget kin da grimy videos that were mainly about the music. As things progressed I guess into the late 90’s the west coast rap scene exploded. Artists like NWA and then later Dr Dre and Ice Cube made some amazing videos. These were the first videos to have all the low rider cars which led the way for the all the bling rides we have seen in the videos over the last 5 or 10 years.

Here are some good videos today

I really love all the videos with the crazy bling and super hot girls. You know the rap video girls. The big booty shaking hotties. Well these videos really do rock. The over extravagant iced out action. I think this trend really started with Notorious Big’s “Big Pappa” Video