Rap Music

January 27th, 2009

Rap Music has been around since the late 70’s you know the old school stuff all started out in New York. These guys were all into the underground scene. Tons of guys sitting around on the street corner beat boxing and rapping. Some of the early pioneers included Marley Marl, Sugar Hill Gang and many others. These guys lead the way. Then in the early 80s we saw hip hop really take on a new popularity. People were getting into the B boy culture and the break dancing.

Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five came out with “The Message” this was the first really popular rap song. From the mid 80’s gangsta rap started to get very popular on the west coast. The projects of Los Angeles was not to be out done by the east coast artists and started putting out a ton of music. NWA and Ice T were among the first west coast gangster rappers. Later on most of the original N.W.A artists went on to have solo careers. This led into the whole west coast rap scene. Artists like Dr Dre and Ice Cube put out a ton of hits. Dr Dre’s The Chronic, which peaked at #1 on the R&B/hip hop chart was one of the greatest rap albums ever made. It changed so much and it was a revolutionary release.

Meanwhile on the east coast you have Puff Daddy, Nas and the Wutang Clan putting out a totally different style of hip hop. I once heard it compared like this. West Coast was putting out music to play in your ride and East Coast was putting out music to play in your walk man. It makes sense to me during this period.