Rap News

Welcome to the ass new Rap Offs. We are going to bring you all the best rap and hip hop news and music. Sit back and relax its getting hot in here.

Here is the lastest in rap and hip hop news. We have some great new albums coming out this summer. I will be picking up some of the Missy Elliott – Block Party she always has some great energy and amazing beats. You can not go wrong with this one. I also will be on the look out for the new Jay Z album and the sound track to the movie Notorious. This one is really going to rock. It looks like it just was released. I am going to pick it up on itunes today. So if you are looking for the best new hop hip this is what I suggest for this week.

I have been looking for some of the best battle rap videos and rap offs online. If anyone has any links or youtube videos please leave me a comment I really want to build out this site to have all the best underground rap battles and make it a cool resource for all your rap fans